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  1. opp running down Roeblock leave the nigga on his nose got 40 glocks got 90 glocks got one in the dome we ain't worried bout guns we got shit that explode. wait why did I do that lol

  2. I said breast feeding should be allowed. It's for the health of a child and no one has the right to say it's disgusting.

  3. people who judged the sexy boobs and the natural ones are stupid. how can they judge breastfeeding to be disgusting? weren't they breastfed

  4. this looks so fake cause of the people's instant comments. I don't think anyone actually comments on women breast feeding in public, they just walk by and keep it to themselves.

  5. Joey: This is a free sample of how f#cked up is people perception of reality, and one of the many reasons why D. Trump might have a chance to the B the next president of the USA.


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