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  1. Michael Myers never runs at all the only time I've ever seen Michael Myers run is when he tackled Laurie strode off the second floor of the Myers home in rob zombies Halloween

  2. thanks a lot DM Pranks you're the reason why there's no more Trick or Treat Studios Halloween resurrection masks left everyone's buying them you did too just to do a stupid lousy prank

  3. 1:40… not cool man… don't corner people when there's something they can jump from, including windows… Worst case scenario, the guys drowns. Damage may include electronics in his pockets, items getting lost in the water, documents / money getting soaked etc.

  4. LMAO I like how everyone in the comments say "Michael Myers doesn't run" like WTF I was about to put that too but obviously the uploader gets the point because everyone like said the same thing over and over.. LMAO great video besides that error..

  5. a man on halloween (dressed up as him) jumped out at me out of his house and I jumped off their porch, ran across the road and hugged my mum and cried and my friend had to get the candy for me and he just said to the man dressed up ' nice to meet u' and walked off and wasn't scared or bothered about him

  6. guys if you think about it I don't think these people are thinking clearly if a guy comes out with an ax and starts running towards me imma shart If he walked I wouldn't be as scared well done prank thougg

  7. Do this again, but get several Michaels all who just walk, so that when someone runs away from one michael, they run into another. It will look like he's fucking fast like they do in the movies


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