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  1. Cheating in any form is not ok. The fucking idiots who chose to fake the cheating disgust me and I'm sure I am not the only one. Maybe you should be cheated on and know the fucking feeling before "joking".

  2. First off my wife isn't a slut that would let some geek climb on her & grind. Secondly, I would not have tackled you. I would have fucking beat you to death! You are a piece of shit!

  3. That pregnancy prank is messed up! He asked her straight out if it was a prank and she lied – forget the 5 year old "fingers crossed" BS. She is hugely undermining his teust ans security in the relationship. Joke or not this will not be leaving his mind – EVER. She did alot of damage in the name of a cruel joke.

  4. you'll be lucky if you don't get a 9mm in your heads think your going over the line on some of your pranks, ie the cheating girlfriend, the clown in the elevator,

  5. First one such an obvious set up and well….he's not funny, more a weed pain in the ass. Couldn't face the rest, I better things to do, like breathing. Much more entertaining.

  6. I'm sorry. I know people think pranks are funny but I disagree. Little ones sure , but when it causes an initial reaction of any kind of pain including emotional pain and fear it's just wrong to me. The pranks also say a lot about the person who's playing it. Is it really funny to see the person you supposedly love feel heartbreak and sadness or extreme fear? WTF kind of person thinks that's funny? Even if that pain only lasts a minute it was real for that victim of the prank. Something isn't funny when it's at the emotional expense of another. At least that's my opinion. What her prank said to me was that she's immature , that she's the taker in the relationship and he's the giver. He's too good for her in my opinion. Also, when a woman especially comes up with an idea like this and uses a particular person in the prank, i.e. Kyle , it usually means she's thought about doing exactly what she's pretending to have done. (Not the pregnancy but the sex. ) it's sort of like living out a partial fantasy. (Saying she hooked up with him that is ) That's the best way I can explain it and I'm probably explaining it poorly since my fiancé has Lillehammer on the tv and it's hard to concentrate. Anyway, I don't usually like this type of prank but because he was so decent about getting woken up to an unplanned pregnancy announcement, schocked yes but reassuring her it was a good thing, and her seeming somewhat surprised that simply telling him she may not actually be pregnant would calm him from reacting to her cheating. Idk. Just seemed particularly fd up.


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